11 Dec 2015

Custom made ear plugs being used in William Hare

Custom made ear plugs

Custom made ear plugs are used in William Hare who are a leading player in the steel industry. Around the world clients trust them for the provision of superior steel framework solutions in various industries. They are experts in oil & gas, petrochemical, pharmaceuticals, power, nuclear, civil, bridgework, airport and more.

Custom ear plugs

Listen to the Testimonial

Jean Collison, who works in Health and Safety for the company said: “After undertaking a very successful trial in 2007 we selected ProtectHear® custom ear plugs for our hearing protection. Employees at all levels use the product, both in the facilities and on-site”. William Hare took our ‘Try Before you Buy’ offer, where you can trial up to 10 people over an 8 week period, to seek the benefits.

“The product protects from factory noise but enables workers to still hear warning bells, which is critical. Although background noise is reduced, speech can still be heard, which is extremely useful.” ProtectHear® filters allow noise to pass through the ear plug at a safe level, with the user not being under or over protected. This makes ProtectHear® a very good product for communication.

“Employees really like them as they are comfortable and perform well. Our staff appreciate the product being more personal and better quality compared to disposables.” Not only are ProtectHear® ear plugs a better quality, they also save you money. Lasting for a 5 year period this brings significant cost savings.

Custom ear plugs

“Working with ProtectHear® is a really good experience. Everything is organised well and any questions are answered straight away.  They also go the extra mile by helping us promote a sensible health and safety culture internally; they have been involved in some very helpful toolbox talks. Which clearly state the benefits of the product to our employees when it comes to hearing protection”.

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27 Nov 2015
24 Nov 2015

SHE Show lucky winners…

SHE Show lucky winners…

ProtectHear® are pleased to announce the winners of our competition who attended our table at The SHE Show 2015:

Alan Bullock – EDF Energy

William Morgan – Union Electric Steel

Malcolm Gibson – Proctor & Gamble

Congratulations to the lucky winners, thank you to all those who entered.

Why not try at the next SHE Show.


SHE Show




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23 Nov 2015

Personally Moulded arrives at The SHE Show North East

The final chapter for this year, The SHE Show began its third event at the Marriot in Newcastle. Read more about the final show of the year:

SHE Show North East

ProtectHear® is committed to the importance of your hearing and how claims for noise induced hearing loss can be avoided. The SHE Show is a great way for us to spread brand and health awareness.

We have continuously exhibited at the SHE Show for 7 years and it has always lived up to expectations. The organisers Washington Dowling do an outstanding job with the venue, the audience and presentations throughout the day. So much confidence is given that we will be exhibiting at all 3 shows next year and we look forward to these events.

ProtectHear® was exhibiting this year on Stand 17, with plenty of interest in personally moulded earplugs coming forward; once again it proved to be another successful show. For ProtectHear® it’s not just about business, education is also as important to get across to those working in noisy environments. Come visit us again next year, for more information on our product/services.

Check out how much you can save in comparison to disposables with the cost savings calculator.

Find out more about the next upcoming SHE Show for 2016.

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10 Nov 2015

Our hearing protection website page in Works Management Magazine

Works Management recently published a great article on hearing protection in their October issue.  Ian Valleley discusses NIHL or Noise Induced Hearing Loss and how it has been described by the World Health Organisation (WHO) as the most common permanent and preventable occupational injury in the world.

hearing protection article














Within the article the topic of noise assessment is discussed, at which point the person responsible has to decide on whether hearing protection is required, and also what protection is available.

The article also discusses resources “So where do you go for help to address the problem of noise at your factory? The library of resources available at www.hse.gov.uk/noise is really helpful. It offers a flowchart that walks you through the process of setting up a noise management programme, so that’s probably the best place to start.

Also, the British Safety Industry Federation has launched its ‘Listen Today, Hear Tomorrow’ campaign – see http://bit.ly/1L1SNV4 for details. This contains a wealth of information on how to decide whether noise in your factory is a problem and what to do about it if it is.

Finally, the ProtectHear website (http://bit.ly/1Q16Sp6) can point you to a range of useful links and resources on the subject of hearing protection.”

Read the full article about hearing protection.

See our resources about hearing protection and health.

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06 Nov 2015

The personally moulded earplug ‘impression’ process

Before deciding to throw away those disposable earplugs for good and switch to personally moulded hearing protection, many of our clients ask us how the whole personally moulded earplug scenario works.


So that we can cleverly make your very own bespoke pair of earplugs, that fit comfortably and protect you from noise (whilst still being able to hear those important things like warning signals or your colleague’s speech), we have to take an ‘impression’ or mould of your ear shape.

A common question is “what does this process involve and what does it feel like when you take an impression or moulding of my ear?”

So here is the lowdown…. thanks to model Steve for this demo.

  1. Sit comfortably and relax.
  2. Our qualified practitioner (who has the same level of expertise as an audiology nurse performing the same process) will then take a quick look inside your ear using a device with a tiny light, just to check that everything looks OK. step 1
  3. The practitioner then carefully inserts a small foam barrier into your ear very gently, you will hardly feel this and it has a string on it so it won’t get lost in there!step 2
  4. The fun then begins. The practitioner gently fills your ear with a non-toxic soft silicone moulding material – Barbie would love the pink! This feels a bit like inserting your usual foam earplugs so you will then be unable to hear very well once the moulding material is in there.step 3
  5. You wait around 3 minutes for the mould to set.step 4
  6. Hey presto, we gently remove the moulding material and tiny foam plug and you’re all done.
  7. We send off the impression, and your personally moulded earplug set arrives within a couple of weeks!

The process takes no more than 5 minutes to complete from start to finish, not bad for a pair of earplugs that last five years.

Book a trial here.

Add up the cost savings here using our online calculator (instant results).

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