12 May

Why EDF Energy use custom earplugs instead of disposables….

EDF Energy 2Read what EDF have to say about custom earplugs. And if you want to ‘do the math’ yourself, then try our cost saving calculator here now.

EDF Energy is an integrated energy company in the United Kingdom, with operations spanning electricity generation and the sale of gas and electricity to homes and businesses throughout the United Kingdom. It employs 13,158 people and handles 5.7 million customer accounts.

Shaun Penn from EDF has been specifying ProtectHear® for over twenty years in several different roles and Industries.

He said: “We are using ProtectHear® in a new Gas fired Power Station that opened four years ago. The environment can be very noisy, especially in the turbine halls which are particularly noisy – PPE & Ear Protection in particular are mandatory on site here. When I joined I gave my fellow employees the option to switch to ProtectHear® from disposables as I was already familiar with the benefits.  I am pleased to say a significant number have taken up that option along with some of our embedded contractors.

zingyComfort and return on investment

I prefer ProtectHear® to disposable ear plugs as they are very easy to fit and comfortable in use and an added bonus is that the cost savings are genuine compared to disposables. When you start to do the maths in comparison to using 4-5 pairs of disposable earplugs a day the money saving over the life span of the ProtectHear® which are purchased with a one off payment becomes quite significant.

Not just about hearing! – SpeakHear®

In addition to the personally moulded earplugs we also use the radio product SpeakHear® which means we can integrate our own radio system into the moulded plug. This means that employees can still hear announcements and warnings which is a necessity. We are also trialling a microphone system which will offer a constant line of communication.

Customer Service

The team at ProtectHear® go out of their way to help us, especially when it comes to scheduling visits and fittings. They are large enough to cope with big organisations like ours yet still offer a friendly and personal service and will schedule visits strategically so we are able to mould and fit the product with a minimum of fuss and disruption.”

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