05 Jan

HSE Hearing Conference – Listen UP

The HSE Listen UP is a conference that is being held in Radisson Blu Hotel Manchester Airport on the 2nd March 2016. It will discuss the importance of hearing and why it shouldn’t be taken for granted. Once your hearing is damaged it is irreversible and hearing loss is a continuous growing problem within the workplace.

This is the first conference that the HSE have done to spread the word about hearing damage and educate audiences. A number of people in different areas of health and safety will be attending the conference such as educators, employers, health and safety professionals etc. There will be various talks being made by industry experts and new ways to counter problems.

The HSE are continuing to put in the effort to reduce claims of Noise Induced Hearing Loss and encouraging employers to take a step in the right direction to counter this ever lasting issue.

It is great to see so many people on board to try and make a change for the better; promoting hearing protection and conservation in workplaces and educate the whole sector.


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