26 Feb

Custom ear plugs in the Tobacco Industry

Custom ear plugs used in Imperial Tobacco

ProtectHear® are proud to supply custom earplugs to many industries in diverse sectors, ranging from food and drink to oil and energy, and serving clients such as Network Rail, Tata Steel, Heinz, Eon. We pride ourselves on manufacturing best of breed quality custom ear plugs, an excellent level of service, in addition to educating customers on the importance hearing protection.

Imperial Tobacco Group Plc is the world’s fourth-largest international cigarette company measured by market, and the world’s largest producer of cigars, fine-cut tobacco and tobacco papers. It has 51 factories worldwide and its products are sold in over 160 countries. Imperial Tobacco has many brands made in their factories such as Davidoff, L&B, JPS etc. The company are using ProtectHear® in their factory based in Nottingham and we have been supplying Imperial Tobacco for over 8 years.

David Barber, their Occupational Health Advisor said: “About 500 of our employees use the product on the shop floor which is a fairly noisy environment. ProtectHear® are very easy to fit and to use. They are durable and the fact that they are personally moulded adds to the engagement of the employee which is key in occupational health. The customer service from ProtectHear® is excellent”.

Initially Imperial Tobacco had a ‘Try Before you Buy‘ in 2008, which helped them reached their decision of implementing ProtectHear® throughout the whole factory. With a lifespan of 5 years our product was the best option when compared to disposables – not only for cost savings but also for employee health. As David mentioned, the fact that they are personal provides an enhanced sense of ownership to the employee, providing them with a new innovative product that they can call their own.

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