27 Jan

The Best ear plugs to use with other head PPE

The Best ear plugs to use with other head PPE

It is difficult to know what hearing protection to provide when using PPE such as hard hats, safety goggles and Hazmat hoods. Over the ear defenders can cause disruption when wearing this type of PPE, as they can’t be used effectively or put on at all. Disposables may give you the protection you require if fitted correctly, but communication with others is difficult and awareness of the environment becomes an issue.

The best ear plugs to use are custom ear plugs; these fit perfectly into your ear and can be worn with all forms of PPE, this includes spectacle wearers. This makes the job much easier as you are protected in the environment and can still hear speech. Our custom ear plugs are very comfortable and can be worn through shifts with ease, eliminating the need to remove when moving around work areas.

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Our SpeakHear® communication accessories lets users communicate with others using accessories such as Listen only, two way speak and listen systems, we also offer ATEX approved products. The ear plugs can be integrated into the system required to suit your working environment.

Our ‘Try Before you Buy’ trial gives you the opportunity to try our ear plugs and communication accessories in your working environment.

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