27 Mar 2017

Turn it down! Hearing Protection is a must

Excessive amounts of noise with no hearing protection can have effects such as hearing loss and tinnitus. These changes are a worry as noise is everywhere in our lives whether it be at work or socially. It is especially worrying when you consider that the effects are irreversible if you’re not protected properly.

Tinnitus can bring people great stress, causing those affected to hear a type of ringing in their ears or perhaps other noises depending on the type of Tinnitus. Hearing loss is known to be a gradual process over time as you get older.

Whether you listen to loud music, keep asking people to repeat what they’re saying or you have general difficulty hearing, these are all signs of progressive hearing loss. We live in a world where noise is all around, working environments and socially.

The Health and Safety Laboratory have created a post ‘Turn it down!’ a useful look into hearing awareness. ‘In pursuit of silence’ is mentioned in the post, this is an insider into the everyday noise in our lives.

Check out our hearing protection and health links page.

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