30 May 2017

Ear plugs take to the track

Ear plugs take to the track

Our ear plugs are supplied to many Rail transport companies, Network Rail have been a customer with us for many years. Being an approved supplier we work continuously with a good working relationship to provide Network Rail a great product and service.

ProtectHear® ear plugs are great for working on track and being aware of your surroundings, of work colleagues and train signals. Not over protecting, users can still hear noises at a safe level. Made from a soft hypoallergenic silicone which makes it comfortable for users to wear throughout the day, they cannot harbour bacteria through the product itself.

Supplied with a pouch, belt clip, and user manual, allowing new users to easily pick up how the product works and how to fit. We make it easy for our customers as we come to site and take impressions with no extra cost for this service. Our ear plugs do not interfere with any other PPE worn. Having a lifespan of 5 years our product is more than just PPE to users; it has more of a sense of ownership.

Every business has an opportunity to have a ‘Try Before you Buy’ so you can experience the difference our ear plugs can make in your company.

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15 May 2017

Deaf Awareness Week

From the 15th-21st May it is Deaf Awareness week. In the workplace if the noise level reaches 85dB then hearing protection must be made mandatory. There are 3 solutions to protect your hearing which are custom ear plugs, disposables and ear defenders. At the point where you reach 140dB is where pain is experienced from the amount of noise, for example being close to a Jet taking off.

There are quite a few signs to see whether you have hearing loss such as turning the TV up louder than other users and asking people to repeat what they’re saying. If these are the symptoms you are encountering then a hearing test is recommended.

There are two main types of hearing loss Conductive hearing loss, usually caused by wax build not allowing sounds to pass through to the inner ear. Sensorineural hearing loss is caused by harm to the cochlea hair cells and/or the hearing nerve. This can be caused by either over exposure, ageing and other factors.

ProtectHear® is a great product which allows you to hear conversations, whilst still blocking out the harmful noises that can damage your hearing. Check out our FAQ’s guide.

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