12 Jan 2018

Ear plugs in Rail

Ear plugs in Rail

Ear plugs are used in the rail sector to protect employees from harmful noises, yet still allowing users to hear conversation, warnings, signals and trains. Especially when you’re on the track, awareness of your surroundings is very important. The ear plugs are kept in throughout the working day so there is no need to remove them, providing comfort and compatibility with any other PPE.

We have been supplying the rail industry for 10 years now for companies such as Network Rail, GWR, Southern Railway and Chiltern Railways. We are the only approved supplier of custom ear plugs to Network Rail. This involved a series of product testing to check the standard. Starting off with an original trial and then turning into an approved supplier.

SpeakHear® communication systems can be hard wired from a radio to ProtectHear® ear plugs.

With our ‘Try before you Buy’ we can offer businesses our ear plugs and communication accessories on trial for 1-10 people. This includes the initial visit, toolbox talks and support throughout the trial period of 8 weeks. We had a feature in 2016 in The Rail Professional Yearbook.

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