13 May

What impact does hearing loss have on your wellbeing?

How is hearing loss caused?

Sudden hearing loss is caused either by an excessive amount of earwax or an ear infection. Hearing loss is mainly caused by being exposed to an excessive amount of noise, either from very loud noises in a short amount of time or persistent noises for a long period. Gradual hearing loss could also be triggered by fluid building up in the ear or a fluctuation of skin cells. Ageing can also be a cause of gradual hearing loss. There are approximately 10 million people in the UK with some type of hearing loss.

How does hearing loss affect you?

Hearing loss can have a great effect on the health and wellbeing of individuals both physically and emotionally. Hearing loss has been connected to symptoms of depression, loneliness, stress and physical/mental health. Socially those that experience hearing loss are less likely to participate in social activities and may see a negative effect on their work lives. This can lead to a loss of confidence spending less time with friends/family as more time is spent isolated.

When should you test your hearing?

When you have difficulty tracking conversations and hearing others clearly or asking the person you’re speaking to, to repeat themselves. If you’re finding it difficult to hear what other people are saying or when listening to music or watching the TV you have to have the volume on loud.

Can your hearing be helped?

Hearing aids may be recommended to those with hearing difficulties, the device helps amplify noise to make everyday activities easier such as conversations and TV/music. It is also possible that this can have an improvement in confidence.

How can you protect your hearing?

Making sure you do not poke into your ear with fingers or cotton buds, unless being examined by a trained professional. When you’re watching TV or listening to music set the volume to a safe limit. Ensure that you keep yourself protected when in noisy areas, so your hearing is protected, whether this is in a work environment or social. Disposable ear plugs, ear defenders and moulded ear plugs are the types of hearing protection available.

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