ProtectHear® has a strong commitment in protecting the environment in which we all live. In fact our product was partly designed to reduce the landfill of disposable earplugs, which not only clog up drains and waste management sites, but also don’t offer the accurate hearing protection that ProtectHear® does.

Our product is toxicologically inert and its life-span of five years (selected due to the estimated change in ear shape during that period) means that you are playing your part in the environment by using our product.

We also pride ourselves on genuine business ethics. With our staff, and with our clients. We’re lucky to be manufacturing and delivering a product that genuinely improves people’s working lives, protecting them from noise induced hearing loss (NIHL) which is gradually on the rise.

To add to that we’re glad that ProtectHear® just makes the users working day more comfortable and sociable. The clever and unique design enables you to wear them all day, whilst also still being able to hear speech and warning signals.

We also work in the community giving talks on hearing protection to organisations and colleges. Read more about our educational strategy here.

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