29 Jun 2018

TransQ Subscription

TransQ Subscription

ProtectHear® is happy to announce that the company has now updated the membership of the TransQ Global Community. This is a supplier qualification scheme which is managed by Achilles. This will support ProtectHear® with increased business opportunities in the transport sector and will offer updated company information to those that seek it.

ProtectHear® is proud to be a member of many schemes and is continuing to grow the portfolio, to create and maintain growth within the business.

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25 May 2018

Renewal of RISQS 2018

ProtectHear® has once again renewed its membership for the Railway Industry Supplier Qualification (RISQS). Our product has been checked and certified by the Rail Industry as a suitable product. ProtectHear® have been supplying the rail industry now for over 8 years, being proud suppliers of Network Rail. This Qualification means are company has made another step in the sector.

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30 Apr 2018

The Health and Safety Event 2018

The Health and Safety Event 2018

The Health and Safety Event was held once again at the NEC in Birmingham, this was the fourth time ProtectHear® has exhibited. The show entails 48 Conference and Seminar sessions, 45 engaging speakers, with 200 Exhibition stands and a footfall of over 6000 visitors. The event was organised by Western Business Exhibitions.

ProtectHear® was showcasing the products/services of the company to visitors with samples, communication accessories and brochures. Some companies are not aware of the great benefits in both protection and cost savings on ProtectHear® ear plugs. Our cost saving calculator helped people realise how much you can save with custom ear plugs over a 5 year period. Also illustrating this we had the disposable obelisk, which shows how many disposable ear plugs you’re using over the 5 year period, which is concerning considering the landfill.

Noise Induced Hearing Loss affects many people in the UK, getting the guaranteed protection is so important, especially as a report from the HSE shows that 60% of users don’t actually fit disposables correctly! It is also important to be protected but not over protected; this is why our ear plug has a vented system, allowing communication between employees, but ensuring you’re not over protected.

Our ‘Try Before you Buy’ is offered to companies to give them a chance of trialling up to 10 pairs over an 8 week period, with no obligation to buy. We have great confidence in our product and can even trial communication accessories alongside. This is supported by a toolbox talk.

ProtectHear® will be attending the Health and Safety North in October; you can keep updated on the Health and Safety Events website.

If you would like updates on the event day at the NEC use the #HSENEC or follow @HandS_Events on Twitter.

Check out the cost savings calculator.

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26 Feb 2018

What are the losses?

We find that losses of our ear plugs are around 2-3% per year. The original impressions are held for 5 years on file, so we can manufacture replacements. The losses are generally reducing, due to ProtectHear® educating the workforce with Toolbox Talks on our ear plugs.

Toolbox Talks are a great way of explaining to users how to fit, maintain and retain the ear plugs. Our pouch is equipped with a belt clip, so the user can keep the product on them at all times. You wouldn’t lose your phone, keys or wallet would you? So why would you lose our ear plugs! They are personalised to you and your company is giving you the opportunity to have the best quality hearing protection. The ear plugs being unique give users a sense of ownership.

We are happy to give companies a chance to trial our product with a sample of employees over an 8 week period, to show our commitment and confidence in the product. Supporting toolbox talks at the start of the trial, to take the first steps in the right direction.

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12 Jan 2018

Ear plugs in Rail

Ear plugs in Rail

Ear plugs are used in the rail sector to protect employees from harmful noises, yet still allowing users to hear conversation, warnings, signals and trains. Especially when you’re on the track, awareness of your surroundings is very important. The ear plugs are kept in throughout the working day so there is no need to remove them, providing comfort and compatibility with any other PPE.

We have been supplying the rail industry for 10 years now for companies such as Network Rail, GWR, Southern Railway and Chiltern Railways. We are the only approved supplier of custom ear plugs to Network Rail. This involved a series of product testing to check the standard. Starting off with an original trial and then turning into an approved supplier.

SpeakHear® communication systems can be hard wired from a radio to ProtectHear® ear plugs.

With our ‘Try before you Buy’ we can offer businesses our ear plugs and communication accessories on trial for 1-10 people. This includes the initial visit, toolbox talks and support throughout the trial period of 8 weeks. We had a feature in 2016 in The Rail Professional Yearbook.

Contact us for more details.

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19 Dec 2017

Hear ends 2017

As 2017 draws to a close we have had another busy year, to start the year off in February we featured in The Health and Safety Magazine, ‘Tomorrows Health & Safety’. With our column ‘No Need to Shout’, located on page 4 and written by our Managing Director Mick Whitaker. Mick gives an in depth article about NIHL (Noise Induced Hearing Loss), with how the effects are irreversible and how our product helps protect your hearing.

In March we attended the first of The Health and Safety Events at the NEC Birmingham. This event is organised by Western Business Exhibitions, bringing over 6000 visitors and 200 exhibition stands. Demonstrating our unique products/services to visitors with the significant costs savings compared to disposables.

In August we renewed our SafeContractor Scheme, making us compliant with Health and Safety regulations to enter our customers’ premises. There are more than 30,000 clients the SafeContractor has on the Scheme.

The Health and Safety North was in October which incorporated The Health and Safety Event and The Fire Safety Show, held in Manchester at Event City. With just 60% of workers actually fitting their hearing protection correctly, this is based on a HSE Report. There is a huge gap where employees need to be educating on hearing protection.


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