15 Dec 2017

We can help Deafness in the workplace

Deafness is caused by exposure to loud noises over a period of time or momentarily, the workplace is not allowed to reach over 140dB in any circumstance. The lowest action level is 80dB when hearing protection is made optional, 85dB is made mandatory. It is said that approximately 30% of workers are exposed to harmful levels during the working day and 10% are in the environment all the time.

In the workplace if you’re hard of hearing or nearly deaf, it is important to still be able to hear warnings. Disposables and ear defenders don’t provide this type of technology as they cut out the noise rather than allowing it in. If you wear your hearing aids this is just amplifying the sound and potentially is damaging what hearing you have left. We provide a product called CENS Proflex Industrial a personally moulded ear plug with an active filter, which allows you to hear amplified levels of noise. The ear plugs have a 31SNR protection level and 220 hours of battery life. They feature 3 levels of volume control Level 1 5dB, Level 2 11dB and Level 3 18dB.

The technology instantly shuts down when any loud noises that occur, after doing so the volume returns to the previous setting. It is a type of industrial hearing aid, allowing communication and stopping anymore damage to your hearing.

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31 Jul 2017

ProtectHear® Trial Pack

ProtectHear® Trial Pack

Our ‘Try Before you Buy’ is very popular amongst new customers, as you can experience the benefits of our products. You can have between 3-10 people on a trial for up to an 8 week period. With the option at the conclusion of the trial being either payment for the trial pairs and keeping the ProtectHear® ear plugs or returning with no cost incurred. You can trial communication accessories as well with the same terms.

We have developed a Trial Pack with all the information customers require, such as a coordinator letter and a trial guide for users. The trial letter has useful information regarding our company, trial instructions and how we will help throughout the process. The trial guide has instructions on how to use the ear plugs, FAQs and feedback sheets. This includes the option of a toolbox talk, where we come onto site and explain how the ear plugs work, how to fit them and the benefits.

This pack is designed to ensure the trial runs smoothly for you the customer, giving the upmost confidence in the trial and product. After the trial as a new customer you have our continued support with our product, education and service.

To find out more about the ‘Try Before you Buy’ click here.

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27 Jan 2017

The Best ear plugs to use with other head PPE

The Best ear plugs to use with other head PPE

It is difficult to know what hearing protection to provide when using PPE such as hard hats, safety goggles and Hazmat hoods. Over the ear defenders can cause disruption when wearing this type of PPE, as they can’t be used effectively or put on at all. Disposables may give you the protection you require if fitted correctly, but communication with others is difficult and awareness of the environment becomes an issue.

The best ear plugs to use are custom ear plugs; these fit perfectly into your ear and can be worn with all forms of PPE, this includes spectacle wearers. This makes the job much easier as you are protected in the environment and can still hear speech. Our custom ear plugs are very comfortable and can be worn through shifts with ease, eliminating the need to remove when moving around work areas.

best ear plugs

Our SpeakHear® communication accessories lets users communicate with others using accessories such as Listen only, two way speak and listen systems, we also offer ATEX approved products. The ear plugs can be integrated into the system required to suit your working environment.

Our ‘Try Before you Buy’ trial gives you the opportunity to try our ear plugs and communication accessories in your working environment.

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27 Oct 2016

How to clean your custom moulded earplugs explained

What should I clean my earplugs with?

For best results use mild soapy water and a paper towel or a face wipe to remove the dust and wax from the ear tip.

How do I clean them properly?

If there is a build-up of wax you wish to get rid of then you should do so by squeezing the tip of the canal between the thumb and index finger, and then wipe the wax off.


How do I keep my earplugs safe?

When provided they come with a pouch with your name, for you to store them in and a belt clip to keep on you at all times.


Where do I find all this information?

In your pouch you have operating instructions label; this shows you about the care, warranty and instructions of fitting your earplugs.


Full Instructions on how to fit can be found here.

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09 Aug 2016

How do I fit my custom moulded earplugs

How do I fit my custom moulded earplugs?

With custom moulded earplugs an accurate fit and proper protection is assured. A pair of custom moulded earplugs are streets ahead of disposables, and consequently the fitting is a little different.  In this blog we are going to explain step by step how to fit our earplugs, with the help of our Managing Director Richard…

But before that….many of you ask…

How is the shape of my ear moulded?

We carefully take an ‘impression’ of your ear shape before we produce your plugs. You can see how impressions are taken before they are manufactured into ProtectHear® with our personally moulded earplugs process blog.

How to fit – an easy guide….

Firstly you need to identify which earplug is for which ear, this is easy as the right ear plug is marked with a red dot.

Before attempting to fit the earplug you should make sure your hands are clean, holding the plug with the index finger and thumb with the flat side facing away from the ear.

Place the earplug canal into the ear canal, gently twisting the ear plug back until it slides easily into the ear.

fitting custom earplugs


Once the earplug is secured in the bottom half of the ear, place the earplug helix into the top of your ear.

custom earplug fit

Ensuring the fit is correct is important; gently push the flat area of the earplug into the bowl for both ears.

But how do you remove them?

Removing is simple…

Using clean hands press on the back of the earflap with index finger, to lift earplug away from the ear bowl.

remove custom earplug

Smoothly slide your index finger and grip the front of the ear plug using your thumb.

From there gently twist the earplug forward to remove safely.

remove protecthear


How do I maintain my earplugs?

We have our full FAQs on how to properly maintain our earplugs.

Any questions? Give us a call or drop us a line.

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08 Apr 2016

Custom ear plugs presented at The Health and Safety Event 2016

Custom ear plugs at The HSE NEC

The Health and Safety Event brings as many as 2000 exhibitors together to showcase their products and services. 6000 visitors visit The NEC for this event, to find new solutions to manage health and safety and educate people more on the subject. Our custom ear plugs certainly grab people’s attention; here is what the event entailed…


The exhibition spans three days and opens at 10.00am. We were ready for the first day, with our smart new stand, monitor and interactive cost savings calculator. Not forgetting the eye catching obelisk with 5 years’ worth of disposables and tasty jelly babies to sample!

Following our success at last year’s event, we were looking forward to what the show had in store this time round. Exhibiting on Stand K32 we had an influx of visitors. Being the only exhibitor for custom moulded hearing protection meant there was a lot of interest.

custom ear plugs

Once again we had a prize draw competition for a personal pair of Pro-M music plugs, which was won by Alex Wilson from Rolls Royce.


The Event organised by Western Business Exhibitions provided a great amount of visitors, a range of Health and Safety Exhibitors and seminars throughout the day.

Check out the highlights of the event on Twitter with #HSENEC and the @HandS_Events profile.

You can see how the custom moulded impression process works.

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