30 Nov 2016

Custom Earplugs Take to The Track – Renault Formula One

Did you know that the Renault F1 team use custom earplugs? As they are working on the track the team need to hear conversation whilst being protected. With cockpit noise often topping a whopping 130 decibels (dB) custom hearing protection is perfect for this, allowing them to keep their earplugs in whilst hearing important and often critical instructions. Disposables in this type of environment would have to be removed constantly, and the team wouldn’t be able to communicate properly with this type of protection.

Hearing protection is a big deal in Formula One, from the track team, spectators to the drivers themselves. In an interview in The Daily Mail in 2006 Sterling Moss talked publicly about his battle with hearing loss due to the sport, he said: “I used to stuff my ears with cotton wool to muffle the sound and make me more comfortable. But after every race, I’d have a sound like a rushing waterfall in my ears. It went on for days, an annoying noise in the background. Then you’d be on to the next race. After a while, the noise just never went and it remained always in the background. I know now this was tinnitus, a warning sign that my hearing was being damaged.”

As standard, the hearing protection currently provided most to Formula One drivers is that of custom earplugs with built-in speakers and the Renault crew have clearly been given this treatment. Two scientists from the US National Institute of Occupational Safety and Hazard said a while back that the whole crew should also be offered this kind of protection and that awareness should be brought to spectators too.

custom earplugs
Fingers in ears, or custom moulded earplugs that also enable you to hear what you need!

Radio Accessories such as SpeakHear® are also important for Formula One teams to communicate; with custom moulded earplugs clients can also be connected to radios. This means that they would be able to communicate to each other, without the need to remove the earplug – the protection is very much like ear defenders but offers a more advanced way of staying protected, whilst also being able to hear surroundings.

custom earplugs

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13 Jun 2016

Custom Earplugs – What’s the benefit?

Custom Earplugs – Points to Consider…

Custom earplugs are an alternative to ear defenders and disposables, with a very distinct difference. They are individually suited to each user, moulded to your ear shape which provides you with protection as well other long term benefits.

The HSE’s View on Custom Earplugs

custom earplugsA market survelliance report was carried out by the HSE (Health & Safety Executive) to find the benefits and drawbacks of custom earplugs. They compared five models, and we were model C in the testing – ProtectHear® proved to be the most user friendly out of all five – read the report.

It has been proved in the main findings of real world use and performance of hearing protection that only 60% of people that are using hearing protection are actually fully protected. This is why it is very important to implement appropriate products or educate people so that employees (and employers!) are fully protected.

Being fitted for a custom product is a quick and simple process that takes five minutes. Our fully qualified team members take an impression of each individuals ear shape, which offers guaranteed protection to a safe attenuated level. Manufactured with a soft silicone our product allows the user to wear the product all day with no discomfort, they are washable and come with their own carry case. over five years the product offers significant savings compared to disposable earplugs. To find our more please contact us.

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11 Dec 2015

Why William Hare use custom made ear plugs

William Hare is a leading player in the steel industry. Around the world clients trust them for the provision of superior steel framework solutions in various industries. They are experts in oil & gas, petrochemical, pharmaceuticals, power, nuclear, civil, bridgework, airport, infrastructure, commercial and retail developments.

Custom ear plugs

The company have been using ProtectHear® custom made ear plugs since 2008.

Jean Collison, who works in Health and Safety for the company said: “After undertaking a very successful trial in 2007 we selected ProtectHear® custom ear plugs for our hearing protection. Employees at all levels use the product, both in the facilities and on-site.

The product protects from factory noise but enables workers to still hear warning bells, which is critical. Although background noise is reduced, speech can still be heard, which is extremely useful.

Employees really like them as they are comfortable and perform well. Our staff appreciate the product as it is more personal and better quality compared to disposables.

Custom ear plugs

Working with ProtectHear® is a really good experience. Everything is organised well and any questions are answered straight away.  They also go the extra mile by helping us promote a sensible health and safety culture internally; they have been involved in some very helpful toolbox talks which clearly state the benefits of the product to our employees when it comes to hearing protection”.

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04 Jun 2015

Ear Protection hits the mark at the SHE Health and Safety Show 2015

Another year of the SHE Show has begun with the 2015 line-up kicking off in Milton Keynes with a very well organised and highly supported exhibition.  Read more about what happened here.

A little more “personal” in size, this event boasts a range of diverse exhibitors showcasing their products to the Safety, Health and Environment professional in a lively, bright and very well organised venue and as always with the SHE Show, it didn’t disappoint!

ProtectHear® were proud to exhibit our ear protection on stand 8 alongside thirty other companies, many showcasing a range of products that boasted innovative design and brought a new dimension to the way we all approach Health and Safety.

Following a busy event with visitors attending from all over the UK, ProtectHear® are looking forward to exhibiting at the next event in this year’s calendar from the Washingtondowling stable – The SHE Show Blackpool – #SHEshowNW – Come and see us there, get some ear protection samples and find out why this small exhibition is so well supported!!

Find out more about how ProtectHear® ear protection is a genuine alternative to disposable earplugs.

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02 Jun 2015

Our Custom Earplugs at Railtex 2015

Held at Birmingham’s NEC, this year’s Railtex event was billed to be one of the highlights of 2015 in the rail calendar…and let me tell you it did not disappoint!

It was an exhibition packed with stands, displaying innovative products and cutting edge design solutions for all things Rail. With over 460 exhibitors and keynote speeches from industry leaders and suppliers, the event, held over 3 days, was a resounding success.

custom earplugs










ProtectHear® were very proud to be part of the Rail Alliance Hub on stand B40, exhibiting our custom earplugs alongside companies such as Sapa Profiles UK, Anderton Concrete Products and Railweight who showcased their products to the movers and shakers of the Rail Industry.

custom earplug








With a huge foot-fall of people visiting the exhibition from all over the world, the event once again was a resounding success for ProtectHear® and gave us the opportunity to demonstrate the attributes and benefits of our unique custom earplugs and leading edge hearing protection solutions to a wider audience, opening new and exciting doors for us…it’s looking like a great year ahead for ProtectHear®!!!

Read more about how ProtectHear® custom earplugs can save money and offer comfort and protection.

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26 May 2015
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