26 Feb 2018

What are the losses?

We find that losses of our ear plugs are around 2-3% per year. The original impressions are held for 5 years on file, so we can manufacture replacements. The losses are generally reducing, due to ProtectHear® educating the workforce with Toolbox Talks on our ear plugs.

Toolbox Talks are a great way of explaining to users how to fit, maintain and retain the ear plugs. Our pouch is equipped with a belt clip, so the user can keep the product on them at all times. You wouldn’t lose your phone, keys or wallet would you? So why would you lose our ear plugs! They are personalised to you and your company is giving you the opportunity to have the best quality hearing protection. The ear plugs being unique give users a sense of ownership.

We are happy to give companies a chance to trial our product with a sample of employees over an 8 week period, to show our commitment and confidence in the product. Supporting toolbox talks at the start of the trial, to take the first steps in the right direction.

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30 Nov 2017

ProtectHear® Toolbox Talks

ProtectHear® Toolbox Talks

We understand that with anything new it always takes time to get used to, that’s why we take our commitment one step further. Whenever a trial is due to commence we always offer a toolbox talk to companies, to demonstrate how our ear plugs are fitted, maintained and what qualities they offer. We believe it is very important for people to have a clear understanding of the product at the very start of the trial.

Involved in this is education as well, to explain to people that hearing damage is irreversible with Noise Induced Hearing Loss and Tinnitus being the main problems. Noise Induced Hearing Loss is the end result of loud noise exposure. If you feel that you have to turn music up louder and ask people to repeat themselves, this could be the lead cause. Whereas Tinnitus causes ringing in your ears, this again is a result of loud noise, affecting around 10% of the UKs population.

ProtectHear® ear plugs are kept in a pouch with a belt clip, for users to keep on them at all times, eliminating the standard throw away disposables for a more personal experience. With our trial we give a trial welcome pack, this is to have knowledge on how to fit, clean and for education purposes.

Find out more about our ‘Try Before you Buy’.

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28 Jul 2017

What is over protecting?

What is over protecting?

Protecting yourself from harmful sounds is very important, to avoid loss of hearing and deafness. But over protecting is something that needs to be considered in relation to noise levels within your working area. Over protecting can lead to isolation, difficulty in communicating and not being able to hear warnings and signals. This may lead to employees removing hearing protection to communicate and then not being protected.

The HSE advises that you should not reduce the level of noise with ear plugs to 70dB, as this is seen as over protecting. ProtectHear® offers you the appropriate protection levels, whilst being aware of your surroundings. This gives you the ability to keep your hearing protection fitted at all times.

We offer a range of SNR levels such as 14, 23, 29 and 31. For example, if you’re just above the action level at 85dB then the 14 SNR would be the best option, as the 23 would over protect. Our most popular option is the 29 SNR with customers such as Network Rail, British Steel and Phillips 66. The 31 SNR is a solid version that blocks out the noise. The level of protection can be dependent on whether it’s a low frequency working area, you should always refer on to your Octave band analysis noise survey.

The HSE has an article on overprotecting you can browse through.

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30 May 2017

Ear plugs take to the track

Ear plugs take to the track

Our ear plugs are supplied to many Rail transport companies, Network Rail have been a customer with us for many years. Being an approved supplier we work continuously with a good working relationship to provide Network Rail a great product and service.

ProtectHear® ear plugs are great for working on track and being aware of your surroundings, of work colleagues and train signals. Not over protecting, users can still hear noises at a safe level. Made from a soft hypoallergenic silicone which makes it comfortable for users to wear throughout the day, they cannot harbour bacteria through the product itself.

Supplied with a pouch, belt clip, and user manual, allowing new users to easily pick up how the product works and how to fit. We make it easy for our customers as we come to site and take impressions with no extra cost for this service. Our ear plugs do not interfere with any other PPE worn. Having a lifespan of 5 years our product is more than just PPE to users; it has more of a sense of ownership.

Every business has an opportunity to have a ‘Try Before you Buy’ so you can experience the difference our ear plugs can make in your company.

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30 Jan 2017

Soft ear plugs being used in the Manufacturing Sector

Soft ear plugs for Manufacturing

In a manufacturing environment it is essential to stay protected and comfortable, kitted with the necessary PPE to complete the job. When selecting hearing protection there are a few choices to consider, over the head ear defenders, disposables and custom ear plugs.

We offer soft ear plugs which are custom made, being the most suitable for wearing all day whilst attenuating noises to a safe level, they can be worn without having to take them in and out. They can also be worn with all other forms of PPE. Disposables and ear defenders do not comply with all of these main advantages.

soft ear plugs

ProtectHear® is made from a soft hypo-allergenic 25 shore silicone, being the softest in our sector. Custom ear plugs give you a sense of ownership, unique to each individual, and have a lifespan of 5 years and warranty of 12 months. We take great pride in offering this type of hearing protection. ProtectHear® supplies many big names in industries such as engineering, printing, food etc. We are leading providers in the industry and have been since the year 2000.

You can see how the impression taking process works, and how much you can save in the long run compared to disposables with our Cost Savings Calculator.

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21 Dec 2016

Personal Users what choices do you have?

Personal Users what choices do you have?

ProtectHear® not only manufactures ear plugs suitable for the working environment but also to accommodate needs for personal users. Here are the ear plugs we have to offer:

Sleep ear plugs – The difference with our sleep plugs are that they are canal length only and hollowed on the outer face for comfort. The sleep plugs lower background noise allowing you to sleep easy, yet still allowing you to hear noises such as fire alarms.

Shoot ear plugs – We supply CENS (Custom Electronic Noise Suppressors) which are made from either acrylic or a soft silicone material. They allow noise through to enable communication, but also shut down noise from gunfire as they are equipped with active electronics.

Bike ear plugs – At speed the noise in your motorbike helmet can exceed the given limit for noise protection. Our ear plugs are designed to block out wind noise and motorbike noise so you can ride your bike with full protection.

Swim ear plugs – Our swim range is designed to prevent water entering the ear canal and offers comfort and protection. If they are removed in the water they are retrievable as they float.

Our music range can be divided into active and passive:

Musician ear plugs (passive) – The ER passive range allows louder sounds to be blocked, whilst allowing lower frequencies pass through. Users can appreciate the sound that comes through to enjoy the experience, but can be assured that it is at a safe level. All frequencies are given a flat response, so pitch and tones are maintained for all sounds and our plugs are available in 3 levels of reduction.

Music ear plugs (active) – We supply i-monitor pros which are compatible with mp3 players and smartphones. These ear plugs produce a high quality hi-fi sound and are a comfortable and fashionable way of listening to music.

If you would like any more information please do contact us.

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