31 Oct 2018

The Health and Safety North 2018

The Health and Safety North 2018

The Health and Safety North was hosted at EventCity in Manchester, where leading industry experts in the Health and Safety sector attended. The Exhibition coincided with the Fire Safety Event.  The event was first established in 2007 and formed to bring Health and Safety Practitioners together in the North of England. Another event is organised by Western Business Exhibitions called the Health and Safety Event NEC.

The Exhibition has free conferences and seminars, over 200 exhibitors, 2000 visitors and 56 Industry Speakers over the 2 day period. ProtectHear® was showcasing the unique hearing protection offered with custom moulded ear plugs ProtectHear® alongside the communication accessories SpeakHear®.  ProtectHear® is one of the leading experts in the hearing sector, priding themselves on the unbeatable service provided.  ProtectHear® supplies companies such as Network Rail, Tata Steel, Weetabix and Phillips 66.

The product attenuates noises but to a safe level, so that the user can hear the environment around them. Considering there are 60% of workers that are not wearing disposable hearing protection correctly according to a HSE study, this is an important feature to keep employees protected at all times. To support the product ProtectHear® offers a ‘Try Before you Buy’ where you can evaluate the product over an 8 week period with no obligation to buy. Savings of £405 per employee can be made by switching from disposables to ProtectHear®.

If you would like to find out more about the products/trial then you can contact us.

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26 Sep 2018

ProtectHear® are exhibiting at The Health and Safety North 2018

ProtectHear® are exhibiting at The Health and Safety North 2018

ProtectHear® will once again be visiting from the 9th October-10th October at The Health and Safety Event at EventCity Manchester. ProtectHear® will be on stand K10 showcasing custom moulded hearing protection to visitors.

Come and register now for the event now by following this link. Over 200 Exhibitors will be ready to promote their products/services.

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27 Oct 2017

The Health and Safety North Review

The Health and Safety North Review

The Health and Safety North brings with it over 200 exhibition stands, seminars and 2000 visitors. The event was established in 2007 and this year coincided with The Fire Safety North. Western Business Exhibitions re located the venue after many years at Bolton to EventCity in Manchester this year, to offer ease of access to those visiting.

The HSE report real world use of and performance of hearing protection shows that just 60% of workers are correctly fitting their disposables. Under protecting is a concern but over protecting is as well, as you need employees to be aware of noise from forklifts, alarm signals and interaction with colleagues.

ProtectHear® was established in April 2000 by Directors Richard Potter and Mick Whitaker, over the years becoming one of the UK’s leading custom ear plugs provider. Network Rail, Weetabix and British Steel are a few of our customers. We pride ourselves on our great service and education.

ProtectHear® offers a vented product that attenuates noises to a safe level, so users have no need to remove their hearing protection. This feature is useful in all noisy industries such as rail, highways and manufacturing. With a lifespan of 5 years ProtectHear® has a return on investment compared to disposables normally within 18 months, you can calculate your savings with our cost savings calculator. To show our confidence we offer a ‘Try Before you Buy’ to companies looking for solutions. A supported toolbox talk is also provided to educate employees on the trial and the benefits.

ProtectHear® will be visiting The Health and Safety Event again next year which will be taking place on the 10th – 12th April 2018, at The NEC in Birmingham. Check out more details of the event on the website.

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18 Apr 2017

The HSE NEC 2017 Event

The HSE NEC 2017 Event

This was the third year ProtectHear® have attended The Health and Safety Event, with its incredible foot fall of people, interesting seminars and services offered. With 6000 visitors, and 200 Exhibition Stands the Event was a busy one, held at The NEC once again. The event had been organised by Western Business Exhibitions.

Before the event we published information about ourselves on the Exhibition News page prior to the event, showing how many people do not use hearing protection appropriately and pointing out the highlights of our custom ear plugs. ProtectHear® had another busy year with people interested to know what the best quality of hearing protection, with the best comforted that is offered to employees.

ProtectHear® is unique with custom ear plugs offering the best service, education and quality product. Putting this to the test with our ‘Try Before you Buy’ offering toolbox talks during the procedure and supporting you every step. Our aim is to stop claims for Noise Induced Hearing Loss within your company, with a product that gives your employees comfortable protection throughout the working day.

Once again the Obelisk caught visitors’ eyes as they couldn’t believe how many disposable ear plugs one person uses on average over 5 years. With us being able to show them figures for ourselves, with our cost savings calculator. Our rolling PowerPoint was in the background with our graphics for the stand, to give people background on what ProtectHear® provides.

The next Health and Safety Event is going to be with The Health and Safety North in October time, keep updated on our page to see if we will be attending.

If you would like to see the events of the day at the NEC use the #HSENEC or follow @HandS_Events on Twitter.

Find out more about our ‘Try Before you Buy’.

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29 Nov 2016

An ‘Event’Full Year for ProtectHear®!

So 2016 is almost at an end and what a year it has been, ProtectHear® have exhibited at five shows and done lots more besides. Show-wise we met hundreds of people at three of the SHE Shows in Blackpool, Milton Keynes and Newcastle and two of The Health and Safety Events. Including a new show to the list ‘Health and Safety North’ at the Bolton Arena.


We have been going to the SHE shows now for seven years and The Health and Safety Events for two. The show at Birmingham was our second year and Bolton our first. Western Business Exhibitions and Washington Dowling do a great job organising the events and we meet lots of people in Health and Safety who are interested in custom moulded hearing protection.

It has been a busy year for us also as we finished our rebranding project, transitioning our exhibition presence from At Source QX Ltd to our product brand name ProtectHear®.


The rebranding certainly caught everyone’s attention this year with the new graphic design and display monitor with continuous rolling slides, and we loved launching our new Cost Saving Calculator stand so that clients can realise their projected savings in an instant when switch from disposable earplugs to custom moulded. Retro-wise it is always a big attraction seeing our obelisk full of disposables, an eye catching and great way to illustrate how many disposables on average people use per annum.

Our moulded earplugs are unique and events like these are perfect ways of getting the product out there, as some people still haven’t heard about custom moulded. We boast a wide portfolio of customers such as Network Rail, Weetabix and Kraft.

Our ’Try Before You Buy’ trial is a popular option with companies, helping them decide on the suitability of our hearing protection without committing fully. Noise Induced Hearing Loss (NIHL) is on the rise and we are trying to help to prevent claims and maintain hearing health, with our product lasting five years and offering full protection. We also educate the workforce as to why it is so important to protect your hearing, as the effects of NIHL are irreversible.

If you would like to find out more about our products/services please do contact us.

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25 Oct 2016

Health and Safety North Listen in….

The Health and Safety North Listen in…

ProtectHear® exhibited its 4th Event of the year, The Health and Safety North Show, held at the Bolton Arena. This was the second event of the year organised by Western Business Exhibitions, our first show outside of the NEC and it certainly exceeded expectations.

The event was over a 2 day period with a full programme, conferences, seminars and guest speakers throughout the day. The show had over 2500 visitors with employees from industrial sectors visiting.

This was yet again a great opportunity for ProtectHear® to showcase our many products and services. To promote custom moulded earplugs and how we are here to help prevent NIHL (Noise Induced Hearing Loss). Hearing is very important especially when you consider that hearing loss is irreversible.

Our next show with Western Business Exhibitions will be the Health and Safety NEC 2017 in March. Come visit us for more information on our company.

Read more about our ‘Try Before you Buy’.

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