08 Jul 2021

The Customer Portal

About the Portal

We have developed an impression database portal for all of our customers; this allows users to track when employees have had impressions through a traffic light system, to identify when ear plugs need renewing. Customers have full access to the portal, so they can make necessary changes to employee records.

Why does the product have a 5 year lifespan?

After 5 years you would’ve thought the product would be worn and need replacing? But no, the product is very durable and can often last longer than 5 years with good care.

Your ears change over time, much like Dumbo the flying elephant and therefore 5 years is a sufficient timeframe for when the ear plugs need renewing.

How do I get on the portal?

You can contact our Sales Manager Glen Perkins on 01507 604322 or email glen.perkins@protecthear.co.uk, who will be more than happy to set you up on the system.

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14 Feb 2019

Protect Factory Operatives From Tinnitus

Protect Factory Operatives from Tinnitus

Tinnitus is a common condition across all age groups but it is more prevalent for people who have hearing loss. Whilst many sufferers can generally continue with day-to-day activities despite their condition, others are affected severely.  About 30% of people experience tinnitus at some time in their life, whilst an estimated 10% suffer persistent tinnitus. Tinnitus can grossly affect quality of life.

The British Tinnitus Association describes the condition as ‘the sensation of hearing a sound in the absence of any external sound.”  Sufferers may hear ringing, whooshing, humming and/or buzzing continuously and it can come or go in just one ear, or both. Experiencing tinnitus for the first time can be pretty frightening, and although there is no cure for tinnitus there are things that can be done to manage the condition. Using relaxation techniques, offset sound therapy and hearing aids are all worth a try. Employers can reduce the chances of their workers getting tinnitus by providing them with quality ear protection. Ear plugs can also prevent the condition getting any worse for existing sufferers.

What is the cause?

The exact cause of tinnitus is not known. Experts tend to believe it comes about as the result of some kind of change, either mental or physical. If a person suffers hearing loss, an ear infection or high levels of sudden stress the amount of information being sent to the brain alters. The brain tends to respond by bombarding the ear with requests for information. The bombardment of extra information the ear receives from the brain is the sound we refer to as ‘tinnitus’.

Frequent, prolonged exposure to loud noise increases the risk of tinnitus occurring or making the condition worse for existing sufferers. Protecting ears from very loud sounds (such as hammering metal, power tools, heavy machinery etc.) is a must. Effective ear protection is of course highly recommended for all workers in noisy industrial environments.

The intensity of a noise is universally measured in decibels(dB).  However, as well as noise intensity, consideration must be given to the duration of the exposure to the noise. Most international regulations for noise exposure at work state that the loudest noise someone should be exposed to for an 8-hour working day is 85dB. The British Tinnitus Association website explains this very well here.

The Trial

We offer businesses an 8 week ProtectHear® trial option so you can try them in your factory before you buy.

ProtectHear® – the UK’s market leading custom moulded ear plugs, available in 3 colours and have a lifespan of 5 years.  Whilst the hearing of ProtectHear® wearers is adequately protected from industrial noise they can still hear speech, warnings and alarms as they go about their day-to-day activities. Factory radio communications integration options are also available with ProtectHear® ear plugs.

To move forward with a ‘Try Before you Buy’ trial a ProtectHear® technician will visit your factory to take ear impressions of your workers. Individuals can each have a unique pair of custom made earplugs that will last them 5 years.

Check out our costs savings calculator here.

Book an appointment today now by phoning 01507 604322 during normal office hours.  Alternatively contact us via our online enquiry form here at any time.

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31 Oct 2018

The Health and Safety North 2018

The Health and Safety North 2018

The Health and Safety North was hosted at EventCity in Manchester, where leading industry experts in the Health and Safety sector attended. The Exhibition coincided with the Fire Safety Event.  The event was first established in 2007 and formed to bring Health and Safety Practitioners together in the North of England. Another event is organised by Western Business Exhibitions called the Health and Safety Event NEC.

The Exhibition has free conferences and seminars, over 200 exhibitors, 2000 visitors and 56 Industry Speakers over the 2 day period. ProtectHear® was showcasing the unique hearing protection offered with custom moulded ear plugs ProtectHear® alongside the communication accessories SpeakHear®.  ProtectHear® is one of the leading experts in the hearing sector, priding themselves on the unbeatable service provided.  ProtectHear® supplies companies such as Network Rail, Tata Steel, Weetabix and Phillips 66.

The product attenuates noises but to a safe level, so that the user can hear the environment around them. Considering there are 60% of workers that are not wearing disposable hearing protection correctly according to a HSE study, this is an important feature to keep employees protected at all times. To support the product ProtectHear® offers a ‘Try Before you Buy’ where you can evaluate the product over an 8 week period with no obligation to buy. Savings of £405 per employee can be made by switching from disposables to ProtectHear®.

If you would like to find out more about the products/trial then you can contact us.

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26 Sep 2018

ProtectHear® are exhibiting at The Health and Safety North 2018

ProtectHear® are exhibiting at The Health and Safety North 2018

ProtectHear® will once again be visiting from the 9th October-10th October at The Health and Safety Event at EventCity Manchester. ProtectHear® will be on stand K10 showcasing custom moulded hearing protection to visitors.

Come and register now for the event now by following this link. Over 200 Exhibitors will be ready to promote their products/services.

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29 Jun 2018

TransQ Subscription

TransQ Subscription

ProtectHear® is happy to announce that the company has now updated the membership of the TransQ Global Community. This is a supplier qualification scheme which is managed by Achilles. This will support ProtectHear® with increased business opportunities in the transport sector and will offer updated company information to those that seek it.

ProtectHear® is proud to be a member of many schemes and is continuing to grow the portfolio, to create and maintain growth within the business.

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25 May 2018

Renewal of RISQS 2018

ProtectHear® has once again renewed its membership for the Railway Industry Supplier Qualification (RISQS). Our product has been checked and certified by the Rail Industry as a suitable product. ProtectHear® have been supplying the rail industry now for over 8 years, being proud suppliers of Network Rail. This Qualification means are company has made another step in the sector.

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