13 May 2019

What impact does hearing loss have on your wellbeing?

How is hearing loss caused?

Sudden hearing loss is caused either by an excessive amount of earwax or an ear infection. Hearing loss is mainly caused by being exposed to an excessive amount of noise, either from very loud noises in a short amount of time or persistent noises for a long period. Gradual hearing loss could also be triggered by fluid building up in the ear or a fluctuation of skin cells. Ageing can also be a cause of gradual hearing loss. There are approximately 10 million people in the UK with some type of hearing loss.

How does hearing loss affect you?

Hearing loss can have a great effect on the health and wellbeing of individuals both physically and emotionally. Hearing loss has been connected to symptoms of depression, loneliness, stress and physical/mental health. Socially those that experience hearing loss are less likely to participate in social activities and may see a negative effect on their work lives. This can lead to a loss of confidence spending less time with friends/family as more time is spent isolated.

When should you test your hearing?

When you have difficulty tracking conversations and hearing others clearly or asking the person you’re speaking to, to repeat themselves. If you’re finding it difficult to hear what other people are saying or when listening to music or watching the TV you have to have the volume on loud.

Can your hearing be helped?

Hearing aids may be recommended to those with hearing difficulties, the device helps amplify noise to make everyday activities easier such as conversations and TV/music. It is also possible that this can have an improvement in confidence.

How can you protect your hearing?

Making sure you do not poke into your ear with fingers or cotton buds, unless being examined by a trained professional. When you’re watching TV or listening to music set the volume to a safe limit. Ensure that you keep yourself protected when in noisy areas, so your hearing is protected, whether this is in a work environment or social. Disposable ear plugs, ear defenders and moulded ear plugs are the types of hearing protection available.

Get protected in your workplace, get ProtectHear®…

ProtectHear® is a custom moulded ear plug that does not over protect or under protect the user. The passive acoustic filter allows the safe noise to pass through so whilst you have the hearing protection fitted you can still have a conversation, ensuring you’re not exposed to industrial noise when needing to communicate with colleagues.

We offer a ‘Try Before you Buy’ where you can trial ProtectHear® over an 8 week period for up to 10 people.

Contact us now if you would like an appointment booking or you would like a discussion.

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12 Apr 2019

Vented vs Solid Ear plugs

Vented vs Solid Ear plugs

Depending on your unique working environment, different levels of protection may be required in different working situations. With ProtectHear® you have a choice of Vented ear plugs or Solid ear plugs, both are suitable for different reasons.

Vented ear plugs

ProtectHear® vented ear plugs are a 29 SNR (Single Number Rating) product which attenuates noises to a safe level, allowing users to hear warnings, alarms and conversation. This helps users work safely and effectively not being over protected nor under protected. With the vented system wearers can connect communication accessories to the ear plugs, so they can communicate via phone/radio. Vented ear plugs are seen as the best solution when needing to hear colleagues/warnings, so they are great for teams working together. 29 SNR ear plugs are ideal for working environments such as Rail, Engineering and Steel.

Solid ear plugs

ProtectHear® solid ear plugs are a 31 SNR (Single Number Rating) product, they block out more of the external noise in the industrial environment. This product is used in higher noise environments to give better protection, lessening the noise your workers can hear. The performance level of solid ear plugs is similar to the protection your workers would get from a pair of ear defenders. Solid ear plugs are used for environments with particularly high noise levels, such as ship engine compartments and compressor houses.

Let’s get Technical

For our vented ear plugs ProtectHear® use a design which allows air to pass through the ear plugs carrying the external noise as sound waves, before entering a passive acoustic filter. Whereas solid ear plugs have no vent or filter, so do not allow air or external noise to pass through the ear plug.

Both products are CE Marked to EN 352-2:1993 and tested by Salford University School of Acoustics. You can find more detailed technical information here, regarding the difference in attenuation ratings.

Communicate Safely

You can communicate with ProtectHear® vented ear plugs through conversation with colleagues whilst in a noisy environment. There is no need to take out your hearing protection and be exposed to the noise. As well as conversations with ProtectHear® vented you can communicate through radios/phones, ProtectHear® supply a wide range of communication accessories called SpeakHear®.

ProtectHear® solid has no vent giving you extra protection but communication accessories cannot be connected.

What are the advantages?

Whether you choose vented or solid, ProtectHear® ear plugs give users maximum comfort, with a great fit and allows the ears to ‘breathe’. ProtectHear® ear plugs can be worn with all types of Personal Protective Equipment such as hard hats and safety glasses. With a 5 year lifespan there are significant cost savings to be had compared to disposable earplugs, calculate your savings on our cost savings calculator here.

Take our Trial

Don’t Forget if you’re unsure whether vented or solid are best for your factory environment, you can trial ProtectHear® vented or solid ear plugs for an 8 week period within your organisation’s unique environment, and you can include up to 10 people to participate.

Contact us now to find out more about ProtectHear® products/services. You can book your no obligation ‘Try Before you Buy’ trial today.

Read our full terms and conditions here.

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28 Feb 2019

Ear Moulding Training for Your Staff – For Custom Ear Plugs

Ear Moulding Training for Your Staff – For Custom Ear Plugs

There are lots of advantages to having custom-moulded earplugs to protect the hearing of your workers – e.g. quality, cost, the environment etc. and for the majority of customers our specialist ProtectHear® technicians will visit your site to take all the necessary ear impressions for you. We are more than happy to take responsibility for this on your behalf not only for your first batch of ear plugs but also for subsequent orders too. However, some organisations prefer to have the flexibility of handling the ear moulding process themselves, particularly for new employees joining and/or any urgent mouldings that may be necessary.

We Will Train Your Staff

For this reason ProtectHear® offers a half day ‘Ear Moulding’ training course for your Health & Safety /  Occupational Health operatives, which is free of charge, and includes:

  • Ear inspection procedures which must take place prior to moulding
  • Unique ear impression taking using a soft hypoallergenic silicone placed carefully into the ear in line with BSA Guidelines
  • Bagging up the impression moulds and labelling for shipping off to ProtectHear® HQ for production

At the end of the course trainees competent in the processes covered will receive a certificate and your company will have the flexibility of being able to take ear impressions for additional ear plug orders completely at your convenience. It takes a trained operative approximately 5-10 minutes to take each ear impression.















The ProtectHear Trainer

The ProtectHear® Technicians who deliver the training are highly experienced in all aspects of ProtectHear® ear plugs and hold BSA Certificates in Otoscopy and Ear Moulding.

The Toolbox Talk

In order for your workers to get the very best out of the hearing protection you are providing for them, in addition ProtectHear® offers ‘Toolbox Talks’ at your site for those currently using our custom moulded ear plugs, or those wanting to learn more about fitting and taking care of their ear plugs.

Great Savings

ProtectHear® ear plugs offer great savings compared to disposables as they come with a 5-year lifespan. You may find it interesting to calculate your savings and your pay-back period here using our ‘ProtecHear Costs Savings Calculator’.

Get in touch

We offer limited training days each month and they are available on a first come first served basis.

If you would like to know more about any aspect of ProtectHear® training or our products and services, please call 01507 604322 today during normal office hours or alternatively contact us via our online enquiry form here at any time.

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20 Dec 2018

Our brand new Fitting Video

Our brand new Fitting Video

We have developed a brand new animated fitting video, to show ProtectHear® users how to fit ProtectHear® custom ear plugs. This will help those that are new with the product, making the fitting and removal an easy process. The cleaning process is also shown explaining how to maintain the ear plugs to the correct standard.

This video expands on the first video we released earlier this year on ‘The ProtectHear® Process’. Where we showed how the impression of the ears are taken and the moulds manufactured. Fitting your ear protection correctly is very important to prevent claims of NIHL.

Both of these videos can be found on our YouTube Channel.

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24 Aug 2018

Hearing Loss

Hearing Loss

Hearing loss can have either a temporary or permanent effect on individuals. The main causes of hearing loss are excessive noise, aging or injury. Over 360 million of the world’s population have disabling hearing loss. It can also affect in Adults balance, mental health and risk of dementia. There are 4 types of hearing loss which are Auditory Processing Disorders, Conductive Hearing Loss, Sensorineural and mixed.

The signs to watch out for could be difficulty in hearing people clearly, listening to music at a high volume, having to focus on what people are saying and repetition of conversations. Using ear protection in a work or a social situation would be a solution to protecting your hearing from further damage. Also not inserting anything into the ears as this could make the loss worse. If any of the discussed applies then it is recommended to see a GP to see what they can advise.

Hearing aids can treat up to 95% of people that have hearing loss, if hearing aids aren’t appropriate then implants can be inserted into the ear. Alternatively if the hearing loss is too severe then sign language or lip reading may need adopting.

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30 Apr 2018

The Health and Safety Event 2018

The Health and Safety Event 2018

The Health and Safety Event was held once again at the NEC in Birmingham, this was the fourth time ProtectHear® has exhibited. The show entails 48 Conference and Seminar sessions, 45 engaging speakers, with 200 Exhibition stands and a footfall of over 6000 visitors. The event was organised by Western Business Exhibitions.

ProtectHear® was showcasing the products/services of the company to visitors with samples, communication accessories and brochures. Some companies are not aware of the great benefits in both protection and cost savings on ProtectHear® ear plugs. Our cost saving calculator helped people realise how much you can save with custom ear plugs over a 5 year period. Also illustrating this we had the disposable obelisk, which shows how many disposable ear plugs you’re using over the 5 year period, which is concerning considering the landfill.

Noise Induced Hearing Loss affects many people in the UK, getting the guaranteed protection is so important, especially as a report from the HSE shows that 60% of users don’t actually fit disposables correctly! It is also important to be protected but not over protected; this is why our ear plug has a vented system, allowing communication between employees, but ensuring you’re not over protected.

Our ‘Try Before you Buy’ is offered to companies to give them a chance of trialling up to 10 pairs over an 8 week period, with no obligation to buy. We have great confidence in our product and can even trial communication accessories alongside. This is supported by a toolbox talk.

ProtectHear® will be attending the Health and Safety North in October; you can keep updated on the Health and Safety Events website.

If you would like updates on the event day at the NEC use the #HSENEC or follow @HandS_Events on Twitter.

Check out the cost savings calculator.

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