24 Nov 2017

Silicone ear plugs for preventing Noise Induced Hearing Loss

Silicone ear plugs

ProtectHear® silicone ear plugs are made from a hypo-allergenic medical grade soft silicone, with a shore hardness of 25. This makes the product very soft but robust, fitting the ears comfortably. The ear plugs are designed to wear all day without removing, as you can still hear the environment. They can be cleaned with either mild soapy water or a wet wipe and the ear plugs have no moving parts, making them easy to clean. The silicone ear plugs have been tested by the HSE and was Model C in this test.

We have used the same silicone since the business started in 2000, handcrafted in our specialist laboratories. We provide a pouch to keep the ear plugs safe with a belt clip and instructions. This gives users a sense of ownership, as it’s something personal and unique compared to ear defenders and disposables. The up most service and education is offered to our customers, so people are aware why they are provided with ear plugs and how to take care of them.

What is Noise Induced Hearing Loss?

Noise Induced Hearing Loss (NIHL) is caused by being exposed to harmful noise levels. Whether this be from having music or TV on too loud or under protected at work. The signs of NIHL may not become apparent until later on in life, Tinnitus can be a clear sign that your hearing has been damaged. For the workplace if the sound levels are above 80dB hearing protection is optional and recommended for those working in 80dB areas over long periods of time. At over 85dB it is mandatory to have hearing protection equipped, otherwise you are at risk of NIHL.

How can silicone ear plugs prevent Noise Induced Hearing Loss?

ProtectHear® silicone ear plugs prevent Noise Induced Hearing Loss and Tinnitus claims, the product fully protects your hearing. Still allowing a safe working environment as only safe sound is allowed through. Some users with standard hearing protection who are working and need to communicate may remove their ear plugs when wanting to talk to colleagues; this is a red flag as the user is not protected whilst communicating in the noisy area. ProtectHear® silicone ear plugs ensure the user is protected but not over protected, so communication with colleagues is effective.

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29 Sep 2017

Custom ear plugs used at William Hare…

Once again ProtectHear® will be visiting the Health and Safety North Show at its new location Manchester EventCity. ProtectHear® will be on stand J55 with the interactive cost saving calculator, obelisk of disposables and samples.

Custom ear plugs used at William Hare…

Once again ProtectHear® will be visiting the Health and Safety North Show at its new location Manchester EventCity. ProtectHear® will be on stand J55 with the interactive cost saving calculator, obelisk of disposables and samples.

Download Images:  ProtectHear® custom ear plugs | Ear plugs in use | Ear plugs in use at William Hare | Cost Savings Calculator

Louth, Lincolnshire, 27th September 2017  – ProtectHear® will be proving the effectiveness of custom ear plugs, to stop claims of Noise Induced Hearing Loss in your company. ProtectHear® will be Exhibiting on Stand J55 at EventCity Manchester taking place on 10th-11th October 2017.

ProtectHear® formed in 2000 has grown over the years and is now one of the UK leading providers in custom hearing protection. Based in Lincolnshire and supplying well known customer names such as Network Rail, British Steel, Weetabix, EDF Energy and Phillips 66.

ProtectHear® custom ear plugs are designed purposely for each individual, with genuine cost savings in comparison to disposables. Being more environmentally friendly than the throw away disposables, reducing landfill, with the product having a lifespan of 5 years.

Ready Why William Hare chooses to use the product:

William Hare is a leading global player in the steel industry with a UK head office in Bury. Around the world clients trust them for the provision of superior steel framework solutions in various industries. They are experts in oil & gas, petrochemical, pharmaceuticals, power, nuclear, civil, bridgework, airport, infrastructure, commercial and retail developments.

Jean Collison the SHE Administrator at William Hare has been custom made ear plugs since 2008. Here is what she said about the product:

A ‘Try Before you Buy’

“After undertaking a very successful trial in 2007 we selected ProtectHear® personally moulded earplugs for our hearing protection. Employees at all levels use the product, both in the facilities and on-site.

Product Quality and Comfort

The product protects from factory noise but enables workers to still hear warning bells, which is critical. Although background noise is reduced, speech can still be heard, which is extremely useful.

Employees really like them as they are comfortable and perform well. Our staff appreciate the product as it is more personal and better quality compared to disposables.”

Service and Education

Working with ProtectHear® is a really good experience. Everything is organised well and any questions are answered straight away. They also go the extra mile by helping us promote a sensible health and safety culture internally; they have been involved in some very helpful toolbox talks which clearly state the benefits of the product to our employees when it comes to hearing protection”.

Get your ticket to the show and visit ProtectHear® on J55, or contact us on 01507 604322, enquiries@protecthear.co.uk or www.protecthear.co.uk


For all press enquiries please contact Kieran Towse, Sales and Marketing Administrator tel: 01507 604322

About ProtectHear®
ProtectHear® manufactures leading edge custom moulded earplugs that offer the highest degree of comfort whilst proving an effective acoustic barrier. Operating since 2000, the company is privately owned in Lincolnshire and has clients in many industries throughout the UK including EDF Energy, Network Rail, Weetabix, Kellogg’s and Phillips66.


Telephone: 01507 604322

Email: enquiries@protecthear.co.uk

18 Eve Street, Louth, Lincs, LN11 0JJ

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22 Sep 2017

The Health and Safety North 2017

The Health and Safety North 2017

ProtectHear® will be attending The Health and Safety North Show, being held at Event City Manchester.  The event will be 2 days from Tuesday 10th October – Wednesday 11th October, organised yet again by Western Business Exhibitions.

The event has lots of attractive benefits allowing visitors to look at the full programme of conferences, seminars and guest speakers. The Fire Safety North will also be co-located within The Health and Safety Show.

Once again this will be a great opportunity for ProtectHear® to promote products/services, aimed at stamping out claims on NIHL (Noise Induced Hearing Loss). Education is most important when talking about hearing protection, we are committed to giving employees insightful knowledge on how custom ear plugs can benefit.

Read more about our custom ear plugs.

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31 Aug 2017

The Safecontractor Scheme Renewal

The Safecontractor Scheme Renewal

ProtectHear® is proud to announce we have renewed our Safecontractor Scheme, this is essential for us to be compliant with the Health and Safety regulations expected in working on customer premises.

Safecontractor is a large private sector health and safety accreditation Scheme in the UK, with more than 30,000 clients the Safecontractor boasts a large portfolio.

Check out more of our accreditations and memberships.


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30 Aug 2017

What is an SNR level?

What is an SNR level?

A Single Number Rating (SNR) is a specification used to determine protection levels given by all hearing protection and provides an easy reference to compare the different types of hearing protection. The higher the SNR level the more protection the product gives in a noisy environment. It is commonly thought that 29 SNR would protect by 29dB, but this isn’t accurate. Protection levels can be found out by comparing the Octave Band Analysis (noise testing) of your environment, against the octave band table provided by all hearing protection. The SNR protection is dependent on the level of frequency.

All companies must provide hearing protection as an option when the noise level is on average 80dB, with a noise level of 85dB being the action level where hearing protection is made mandatory.  Companies must also ensure they are not over-protecting employees; protectors should not attenuate to a level below 70dB. This is to guarantee employees can still communicate and hear warning signals.

We offer 4 filters for our ProtectHear® product being 14, 23, 29 and 31 SNR. This is to give customers more options when your environment is either just above the action level or at the top level.  For example the 14 SNR would be for noise levels at the action level therefore not over-protecting. Whereas the 31 SNR would be used at around 95dB level, again being dependant on your noise survey with both examples. Our ProtectHear® attenuates noises to a safe level, meaning our ear plugs can be worn all day without having to take out for conversations.

Follow the text for more information on noise at work.

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30 Jun 2017

SpeakHear® Communication systems

SpeakHear® Communication systems

SpeakHear® communication accessories are adaptable with ProtectHear® custom ear plugs. Allowing users to hardwire systems from radios to ear plugs, offering a wide range of radios such as Kenwood, Motorla, Hytera etc.

We are specialists in providing your company with the correct systems, which we also offer to trial alongside our ‘Try Before you Buy’ for the ear plugs. ProtectHear® provides accessories which suit your environment and find them within budget. Here are some of the features on SpeakHear®:

  • Listen only or two way systems.
  • ATEX approved products.
  • Boom Mic system with noise cancelling technology.
  • Connectable to mobile and dect phones.
  • 12 month warranty on accessories.

To speak to a member of our team and find out more contact us. 


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