Coronavirus Update – Continuity Of Service

As a provider of important hearing PPE for noisy, industrial environments, we are responding appropriately to the coronavirus situation, by remaining open for the supply of ProtectHear custom-moulded earplugs, having put a number of strict additional measures in place for the safety of our customers and staff.

Since the Prime Minister announced the recent revised pandemic measures for workers on 10 May 2020, when he said: “You should work from home if you can, but you should go to work if you can’t work from home…”, many of our customers have started a phased return to the workplace. Of course this means demand for earplugs is steadily on the increase again, as the need to protect their workers’ hearing with appropriate PPE is as important as ever.

FAQs – Here are the answers to some frequently asked questions:

Are ProtectHear representatives still able to visit us on site?
Yes. Since the Prime Minister’s 10-5-20 announcement, we are once again able to visit customer sites to take ear mouldings, for all customers who are permitting supplier site visits. With a shortage of hotel rooms, at the moment, we can visit any site within a 3-hour radius of our head office in Louth. We are hoping the hotel situation improves soon. We will keep you informed when this changes.

How safe is ear-moulding at customer sites safe?
It is very safe. ProtectHear representatives wear protective visors and/or face masks, handwash frequently and use hand sanitiser in between mouldings whilst on site. The ear-moulding process takes no more than 5 minutes per person, and there is no need for our staff to stand face-to-face with your workers. Ear mouldings are of course taken from the side, and part of their routine is to switch from ear to ear around the back. Your workers can be seen one at a time, no need for big groups. Also weather permitting mouldings sessions can be set up to take place in outside spaces, rather than indoors, especially during the Summer months.

All ProtectHear staff are taking and recording their temperature on a daily basis, and no one with any kind of symptoms will be permitted to work or visit our customer sites. We are happy to share these records with our customers if required.

I’d like to arrange an ear-moulding visit, what should I do?
Contact us with a Purchase Order number either by phone on 01507 604322 or email us at at any time – and we will make arrangements for you. At the same time we will answer any questions you may have.

Is the manufacturing process affected by the pandemic situation?
Our labs where the ProtectHear earplugs are manufactured are operational but with a skeleton crew, therefore lead times may vary. Our approximate lead time is 3-4 weeks.

We are also experiencing some delays with posting out ear plugs taking up to 10 days to reach you after leaving the labs.

Can I order replacements?

Yes, replacements can be ordered via phone or email. The ProtectHear office is manned during normal working hours as usual for, handling any sales or customer service enquiries as well as orders, including replacement orders and sleep plugs.

Are ProtecHear trials still available during lockdown?

Initially when lockdown began we suspended the 8-week trial we normally offer. However, now restrictions are starting to be eased we are re-establishing trials with immediate effect. For any organisation wishing to start or re-start a trial, please call us on 01507 604322 or email us at at any time, and we will get back to you as soon as possible to help you move this forward.

We appreciate your patience and loyalty during this challenging time, and hope you are all staying safe and well.

Best Regards

Team ProtectHear

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