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Health and Safety Event Preview!
ProtectHear® Custom Earplugs making themselves heard at EDF Energy 

The Lincolnshire based manufacturer of custom moulded earplugs prepares to exhibit on stand K32; visitors can try their interactive cost-saving calculator to realise genuine budgetary savings in addition to premium health benefits.

Download images:  ProtectHear® earplugs | Earplugs in use | Filter Inside the earplug | Cost Saving Calculator in use on iPad

Louth, Lincolnshire, 9th March 2016 – ProtectHear® will be demonstrating the power of custom moulded hearing protection on stand K32 at the Birmingham NEC event taking place 22-24 March 2016. Free tickets can be obtained here.

The company manufacturers a range of custom moulded earplugs in the UK. ProtectHear® are designed to offer the highest degree of comfort throughout the long life-span of five years, whilst providing an effective acoustic barrier helping to prevent Noise Induced Hearing loss (NIHL).  The custom fitted earplugs are more environmentally friendly, accurate and cost effective when compared to disposable earplugs, millions of which are thrown away or incorrectly inserted each year.

Operating since 2000, ProtectHear® is privately owned in Lincolnshire and has clients in many industries throughout the UK including major players such as Network Rail, Weetabix, Kellogg’s, EDF Energy and Phillips66.

EDF Energy are a long standing client and Shaun Penn from EDF has been specifying ProtectHear® for over twenty years in several different roles and Industries.

He said: “We are using ProtectHear® in a new Gas fired Power Station that opened four years ago. The environment can be very noisy, especially in the turbine halls which are particularly noisy – PPE & hearing Protection in particular are mandatory on site here. Employees can still hear announcements and warnings which is a necessity.

Comfort and return on investment
I prefer ProtectHear® to disposable ear plugs as they are very easy to fit and comfortable in use and an added bonus is that the cost savings are genuine compared to disposables. When you start to do the maths in comparison to using 4-5 pairs of disposable earplugs a day the money saving over the life span of the ProtectHear® which are purchased with a one off payment becomes quite significant.

Not just about hearing! – SpeakHear®
In addition to the personally moulded earplugs we also use the radio product SpeakHear® which means we can integrate our own radio system into the moulded plug.

Customer Service
The team at ProtectHear® go out of their way to help us, especially when it comes to scheduling visits and fittings. They are large enough to cope with big organisations like ours yet still offer a friendly and personal service and will schedule visits strategically so we are able to mould and fit the product with a minimum of fuss and disruption.”

Get your ticket to the show and visit ProtectHear® on K32, or contact us on 01507 604322,   or


For all press enquiries please contact Alison Wileman, Interactive Marketer, tel: 07981 300531

About ProtectHear®
ProtectHear® manufactures leading edge custom moulded earplugs that offer the highest degree of comfort whilst proving an effective acoustic barrier. Operating since 2000, the company is privately owned in Lincolnshire and has clients in many industries throughout the UK including EDF Energy, Network Rail, Tata Steel UK, Weetabix, Kellogg’s and Phillips66.

Telephone: 01507 604322


18 Eve Street, Louth, Lincs, LN11 0JJ

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