February 2017 – Safe and sound
Protecting your employees hearing with ProtectHear custom earplugs …read more

July 2016 – Hearing protection: A personal approach
ProtectHear® showing the key areas focused in hearing and ways to protect with our product ….read more

17 February 2016 – Protecting against hearing loss
Noise induced hearing loss (NIHL) affects thousands of people …read more

January 2016 – The Rail Professional Yearbook 2016
Custom Moulded earplugs feature in The Rail Professional ….read more

February 2015 – Grimsby Telegraph Business Supplement
Recruitment Strategy is a Delight to Hear About ….read more

Issue 16, February 2015 – Tomorrow’s Health and Safety, Personal Protection Supplement
Now Hear This…losing one of your five senses is a tragedy in any case, but especially when it could have been easily prevented ….read more

October 2015 – Bike Magazine
How to buy earplugs…..Bike magazine road test our earplugs….read more

29 October 2015 – Works Management
Safe and Sound….Excessive workplace noise destroys people’s hearing, often insidiously and almost always permanently…..read more




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