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Try ProtectHear® – Safety, Comfort, and Return on Investment Guaranteed.

We offer businesses a try before you buy ‘trial’* for up to 8 weeks, so that you can assess if ProtectHear® is suitable for your working environment and feel the difference.

We are extremely confident that they will meet your needs, but in the unlikely event that they don’t, you can simply send back your trial earplugs, complete with their packaging and no cost will be incurred by your company.

After 8 weeks, if you wish to move forward, we will then arrange for any remaining employees to be fitted.

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*trials are for businesses only, are subject to terms and conditions and are at our discretion. Contact us for more information.

“We tried a variety of hearing protection before we contacted At Source QX Ltd who offered their ProtectHear® range, these are individually moulded to the user and offer outstanding comfort and protection. We carried out a trial with the ProtectHear® and we haven’t looked back since, the company’s professionalism and expertise is commendable, they applied no pressure to purchase, it was simple good advice.”

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Health, Safety and Environmental Officer for Eco Plastics Recycling Ltd

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