How long does the process take?

Approximately 5 minutes per person. We take an impression of your ear. A small foam stop is placed into the ear canal and the silicone is gently squeezed into the ear to make the custom ear plugs.

What are they made from?

The custom ear plugs are made from a Hypo-Allergenic medical grade soft silicone (shore hardness 25).

What is vented?

A channel through the earplug contains a passive acoustic noise filter. This is an inverted cone of precise dimensions that allows certain wave amplitudes to pass through, but attenuates the hazardous industrial noise, whilst allowing the user to hear speech, shouted warnings and to use phones and radios. Vented is 29SNR.

What is solid?

This does NOT have a channel, providing additional protection in extreme noise environments. Solid is 31 SNR.

What is SNR?

Single Number Rating. This is the statistical result of comparing the protection (attenuation) given at the different frequencies. It is an overall assumed protection and all hearing protection is measured in this way. The information is tabulated on the back of our brochure.

What about losses?

From experience this is 2-3% per year. We can replace these from the original impressions, which are held for 5 years, the person’s name and serial number will identify them on our database.

Are they approved?

They have been tested in accordance with ISO BS EN352-2 by Salford University School of Acoustics and 3rd party verified against the ISO standard by Inspec Accreditation Services.

Swinden Technology Laboratories the technical department of Tata Steel UK Ltd ran a real-world trial on the Tata Scunthorpe site which resulted in ProtectHear® being approved for use by Tata Steel UK.

The Blue food grade ProtectHear® was developed in conjunction with and is approved by Mars. The blue ProtectHear® with a special white cord and a plastic packing tub has also been approved by Imperial Tobacco’s Additives Guidance Panel as being toxicologically inert.

HSE have undertaken a Market Surveillance of Custom-Moulded Earplugs – we would recommend that you review this study document, our ProtectHear® can be identified as Model C.

What additional specifications are available?

Yellow                      For general H&S use.

Blue                          For food industry use.

Transparent            By special request.

Metal Detectable    A 3mm stainless steel ball bearing is bonded into the earplug for food industry use.

Corded                     A neck cord tethers a pair of ProtectHear® ear plugs.

Red Spot                  The right ear of every pair is marked with a red spot.

Communications    A clip that is fitted to the earplug to allow radio accessories to be connected.

How are they identified?

We maintain a database of each individual with a unique serial number, this is also written on the pouch care label.

How are they cleaned?

We recommend with mild soapy water or a facial quality wet wipe. The ear plugs have no moving parts so are easy to clean.

Lead time?

4 weeks from date of taking impressions.

How long do they last?

5 years, this is due to the fact that your ear shape changes with time.

Will they interfere with other PPE?

No, ProtectHear® fits neatly in the ear bowl and does not affect helmets, spectacles and visors, heat shields, breathing apparatus or crash helmets.

Summary of Advantages.

  • Custom ear plugs do not over-protect.
  • Suitable for most noisy environments.
  • Individually moulded for maximum comfort.
  • Vented to minimise ‘plugged up’ feeling.
  • Allow communication by conversation, telephone and radio.
  • Ability to hard-wire connect to personal radios or Bluetooth headsets.
  • Can be worn under helmets and visors.
  • Provide complete protection for spectacle wearers.
  • No moving parts to wear out.
  • Convenient to carry when not in use.
  • Easy to clean – with mild soapy water.
  • Durable with a life of at least 5 years.
  • As they are individually made, they are ‘owned’ and therefore looked after.
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