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If you are a new user of ProtectHear®, then the following FAQs offer a helpful guide to getting the most from your first pair of ProtectHear® personally moulded earplugs.

What are ProtectHear® personally moulded earplugs made from and are they comfortable and hygienic for me to wear?

We make ProtectHear® from a soft, hypoallergenic silicone that is specifically designed for use in the human body and will not harbour bacteria. By wearing ProtectHear® you can be sure your ear is kept healthy, they will not cause irritation or infection though use as long as they are clean.

Tip: Keep your earplugs clean. A dirty earplug can introduce infection, washing your earplugs in mild soapy water or with a facial quality wet wipe will also help you to fit them easily particularly when new. A wet earplug will just pop in.

Why is wearing ProtectHear® better for me than the hearing protection I already have, and what makes it so different?

ProtectHear® earplugs will fit you perfectly every time you use them, making sure your hearing is protected 100% of the time. Their ‘Vented’ design allows you to hear what is going on around you to improve your ability to work safer whilst being protected from industrial noise. ProtectHear® lets your ears ‘breathe’ by letting air pass through them, lessening the build-up of ear wax.

What will I be able to hear and how does that benefit me?

ProtectHear® is vented, as air passes through your earplug carrying the external noise as sound waves it enters the acoustic filter inside the earplug before reaching your eardrum. This filter reduces external noise to a safe level by ‘attenuating’ the frequency, making it quieter. This benefits you because you will be more aware of what is going on around you meaning you are safer whilst working. You don’t have to keep removing the earplug during the day; you will be able to communicate with them in.

Tip: The more you wear your new earplugs the quicker you will adjust to what you can hear and how it feels. It’s like a new pair of boots, it may take a few days for you to get used to them and ‘bed’ them in.

So how do I know that they working and won’t let in too much noise?

There are no moving parts or batteries in ProtectHear® so they work all the time. What is important to remember is the sound you can hear while wearing ProtectHear® is safe (good) noise that has passed through the filter inside your earplugs and that means you are safe and protected at all times.

If I only get one pair how long will they last? I just know I am going to lose them!

ProtectHear® are designed and warranted to last five years, maintenance free, and if looked after will provide many years of dependable protection. We all lose things from time to time but you have a duty and responsibility to look after PPE that is issued to you in line with company policy and guidelines. You only get one set of ears so please help your employer to help you, wear your earplugs and look after them; they are your personal property as they will only fit you.

Tip: Store your earplugs in the same place, maybe in a locker or with your mobile phone or car keys. Ask yourself how often you lose your car keys; you don’t because you know to look after them.

If you have any more queries, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

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