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Why you should invest in ProtectHear®

Each pair is personally moulded to the users’ ears using a simple process. This unique design gives the optimum fit and allows the ears to breathe.

ProtectHear® offers excellent protection but does NOT overprotect; you can still hear the environment around you – speech and warning signals are audible!

ProtectHear® can be used with other PPE equipment. It is detectable for food applications. It is also compatible with SpeakHear® communications systems.

You can save over £400 PER EMPLOYEE by switching from disposables to ProtectHear®. Try our instant cost saving calculator here.

Our ‘Try Before You Buy ‘ is a no-pressure, sensible way to test the benefits of ProtectHear® within your workforce. Read more about it.

ProtectHear® are hypo-allergenic, easy to clean, and eco-friendly. No more throw-away disposables.

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Steve Marshall – British Antarctic Survey Health and Safety Advisor

ProtectHear® have been excellent in providing a flexible service to ensure our ship crew get the tailored hearing protection they need. The ear inserts that ProtectHear® provided have proven to be very popular with our staff and particular useful in our high noise areas where double protection is used.

August 7, 2015

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